Halbe, a medium-sized, family-owned business was established in 1946.  As you would expect of a German company, their frames are precision-made and are of exquisite quality.  Every Halbe frame consists of three main elements:


  • an inner steel chassis
  • a choice of several grades of glass or acrylic
  • an outer frame (called a profile) made from solid woods or aluminium


The Halbe framing system is used by many of the world’s leading artists, and can be found is some of the most famous museums and art galleries in the world.



1 Solid Wood Frames
2 Aluminium Frames
3 Box Frames
4 Steel ‘Passepartout’ Frames
5 Steel ‘Passepartout’ Light Boxes
6 Standard and High Quality Glass and Acrylic
7 Archival Quality Mount Boards