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Photo Rag® is one of the most famous fine art papers in the world. With a smooth, very slightly textured surface, this ‘natural white' (i.e slightly warm 'ivory' coloured) paper is made from 100% cotton rag and is highly resistant to discolouration with age.  It provides excellent image sharpness with optimum colour and B&W gradation. Ideal for bringing out subtelty in an image, it also deckles (tears) beautifully for those who want the appearance of a hand-made paper.

The lighter weight 188 gsm paper is particularly well suited to smaller size prints and to use in portfolios and albums.

The heavier 308 gsm paper provides the weight of an art paper. It is widely used for exhibition and archival printing of colour and B&W photographs.

The heaviest 460 gsm and 500 gsm weights are available in sheets only. It is also suitable for exhibition and archival printing, and is ideal for ‘floating’ in frames or for hanging un-mounted.


A4, A3, A3+ and A2 cut sheets
43cm, 61cm, 91cm and 112cm (17", 24", 36” and 44") rolls

Photo Rag

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